Hello there! This is a source for personal style and inspiration for girls. We promote positive self-worth and image as well as modesty and creativity. Often times, the media and society tell girls to dress or look a certain way, but if we all dress the same, where is the individuality? Society is slowly making teen girls turn into carbon copies of each other, but we urge you to break that and find your own personal style! There are far too many beautiful girls out there who do not cherish their body, and it is my passion to show girls that you do not have to be a size zero or to be beautiful. Far too many girls in the world are developing eating disorders, it's very heartbreaking and ruins lifes. We hope to get across to every girl out there that they are truely beautiful, no matter what society or other people say.

On this website, we encourage girls not to want to conform to society, and we hope this website will help with that. We hope that it will give you the inpsiration to be different than the rest, and to dress however you like.  We truely believe that it's possible to dress with style and confidence, especially on a budget! Whatever your way of expressing yourself, through music, art, photography, or fashion, we admire you!  We hope that this website will be a go-to place for inspiration and confidence, as well as a strong community where young girls are unashamed to be who they are. We love to meet up and coming artists, photographers and musicians, so contact us if you want to be featured. 




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