This is Emma Kavan, a lovely and talented photographer with excellent style.  She is my first interview, so this is like, historic! You can find her here:

-what inspires you the most? 

 I get most of my inspiration from my environment, and the beautiful things about our planet- like evening sunlight or the sky or long shadows on dusty roads. With my photography and writing, the world around me inspires my pictures totally- if its a cloudy day where the light is dim and the world is grey, I am usually totally at a loss for ideas. It's when I'm walking at sunset, and the world is bathed in gold that I am at my most inspired. There's a poem by Herman Hesse which goes
'What is mine belongs to no one,
The plunging brook behind the veil of the woods,
The frightening sea,
The bird whir of children at play,
The weeping and singing, lonely in the evening, of a man secretly in love.'
and I think that is so applicable to my life, the things I treasure the most, that inspire me the most, are things like that. Things that belong to no-one.'

-who is your fashion icon?

 I really have to say Alexa Chung! To me, she is the perfect representive of British indie style. I'm glad she's popular in America now, because she's showing the best of our fashion abroad. I got really excited the other day because i saw a picture of her wearing a cardi i also own! haha! I admire Hayley Williams, because she seems so comfortable in her own skin. I remember reading a quote from her ages ago saying that she wasn't one to be wearing cleavage flashing tops or whatnot, and i think she proves you can be totally sexy and confident without being like LOOK I'VE GOT MY BOOBS OUT! haha.

- how would you describe your style?

 My style changes on a daily basis! I guess I typically fit into the more indie/alternative category. I love to mix vintage clothes with new ones, and unusual jewelery to create edgy, individual looks. I love bargains and second hand shops.

- what is your favorite item in your closet?

Right, I'm going to run and loook through haha! Well, I have these topshop jeans with studs running down the legs which I LOVE. my best friend bought me them, so I guess they are kind of sentimental too :) But other than those, there's this skirt which I wanted for AGES from Topshop. I wasn't sure if I should buy it or not, because it was like 30 odd pounds which is like $50. And I'm such a cheap skate haha! But, when i got to the till, it turned out to be only £15 :D

- if you had one store to shop at, what would it be?

Well, it depends on how much money i had! Let's say I have unlimited money ;D! I think Urban Outfitters because it is so so nice, or Topshop. The only thing with Topshop is that a lot of the stuff you have to think 'Who else do I know who has this?!' because like ALL my friends shop there. Love it though.

- what gives you confidence?

Hmm. I think that confidence should come from within, as opposed to how you look -be comfortable with who you are, and your confidence will flow naturally (cheesy, I know!) But I realised lately that, things about us which make us feel unconfident, like scars or birthmarks or spots really really shouldn't, because we are all human and we all have these things. You shouldn't let them hold you back from being confident. Of course though, the support I get from everyone on flickr and all my friends and family when it comes to photography is amazing, and it really makes me confident in my ability to do better.


Meet Hannah Lee, a twelve-year old inspiring and talented photographer. You can find her here:

- where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from life in general. My photos are very personal. I don't just take things (anymore, at least because they look pretty. So maybe I'll put on one of my dresses and go to the front yard when I see pretty
light, but the pose the angle, the processing, it all has to do with what's inside of me.

- do you feel girls your age are being influenced by society to look "perfect"?

 Are you kidding me? YES. I'm sure that in the 50s some girls were obsessed with their body, but the amount has
most definitely gone up. I mean, nowadays you can't even turn on the TV without seeing deathly skinny models flaunting their augmented boobs. 

- you are so talented, but quite young, when did you discover your talent? and how?

It all fell into place. I don't think there was ever an epiphany with me. For Christmas this past year I got a camera and started getting inspired by photos on Flickr, and from that point on I was hooked and incorporated myself into
my work.

- what is your favorite thing in your closet? 

Probably my favorite bra? Hehe, joking. I really love this jacket I got from Modcloth. It's very old-fashioned. I'll probably wear it for a shoot this coming fall. And my jeans from Delia's keep me sane.

 -where do you get your inspiration from?

No one really. I just try to be unique and different, and weird people out occasionally. I buy things that appeal to me. I don't try to look like someone else. That always turned out in issues for me. 

- when do you feel most confident?

I'm really insecure to be honest, but I'm working on it. I find that I'm most confident when I'm singing in a group of people, and they're just listening. I never used to sing in public, so when I finally start to sing around people, and they just pay attention, I feel infinite. And those Delia's jeans make me feel amazing. I'm serious, even
though I sound nuts.


This is Rhiannon Leifheit, otherwise known as liebemarlene, who is known for her impeccable taste for finding beautiful vintage clothing. She runs an Ebay store and has been featured in the Lucky and Marie Claire magazines! So I felt very lucky to ask her a few questions. Go here, and you're little heart will melt with vintage goodness!

 1970s navy tea dress by liebemarlene.

- how would you describe your style?

I think my style's pretty old-fashioned and romantic since I wear mostly dresses and skirts and I'm always being drawn to florals and ruffles and pretty colors.  I do wear mostly vintage too since in most cases it's less expensive than buying new, but also I just like it. It's nice to be able to wear a dress that has history in it--also I never have to worry about showing up to a party and having on the same dress as another girl!  Which sounds really corny, but it's true!  In summer my style pretty much consists of pretty vintage dresses and tall, ugly-ish shoes; I love the mix of pretty and ugly, I guess.

- do you notice society's impact on young girls to look a certain way?

Yeah, it's awful.  I thought it was bad enough when I was a young girl in the '90s, but now it's so much worse--models and actresses are so much skinnier now than they were even ten years ago, and they're being scrutinzied and judged lots more too.  I know this makes me seem super old, but I do think the internet's a big part of it.  When I was 14 and living in the rural Midwest I wasn't even aware of the latest trends or newest it-girls, so I was probably a lot more content with who I was and what I looked like.  Now anybody with a computer can see new styles and trends the moment they come out, and along with it comes more pressure to live up to the fashion ideals of the world.  And it's not just the models and actresses anymore--when I was 14 I could look at an actress and realize that she looked the way she did partly because she was rich and famous and not a regular person like me.  I'm guessing that it's harder for young girls now that they have "regular people" fashion bloggers to emulate too.  I mean, there are plenty of bloggers out there who give good examples of the outfits that everyday people on a budget can put together, but then again there are some fashion bloggers whose looks and closets are so out of reach of most blog readers that they might as well be actresses and models to them. It just seems like it would be especially tough to be a young girl these days.
- i find your style very refreshing (as well as adorable!), how long have you been into vintage? and where in the world do you go to discover such gorgeous thrift finds!?
Thank you!  I've been into vintage since I was around 19, I think.  Mostly I go to thrift stores and buy stuff off of Ebay and Etsy . . .it's addicting!  Estate sales are also good, though they're usually hit or miss and can be a pain waking up early for!  But once in a while you can find some real treasures.
- what is your most cherished possession in your wardwrobe?

I don't think I have one!  I'm the least sentimental person in the world when it comes to my clothes . . . I can hold onto a dress for years and swear that I'm going to keep it and hand it down to my kids (if I ever have them), but then all of a sudden I'll decide to sell it in my Ebay store.  I probably used to be a lot more sentimental about holding onto vintage pieces, but there's just so much of it out there that I know I can replace just about anything I decide to sell.  I mean, it'd be different if I had something that belonged to my mom or grandmother, but I don't have anything like that.  So right now I think my favorite thing in my closet is a dress by Lover that I just got on super sale; I'm saving it for Fall! 
- who would you say your style icon is?
It's really always changing.  I admire Elizabeth Hawes a bunch, though not for the way she dressed as much as her fashion philospohy and outlook on style and trends.  She was such a terrific American rebel, trying to kill off the myth that everything chic and stylish came from Paris.   I just love her outspokenness and lack of snobbishness.  Also the fact that she wasn't a great beauty makes her lots more relatable to me . . .  
- as you get older, do you find yourself accepting who you are and gaining more confidence?

Somewhat. I guess I'm becoming a little more accepting of things I used to be embarrassed by, like my shyness and nerdiness/bookishness.  I used to try to hide those things like crazy, but now I'm finding that it's perfectly ok to be a bit odd and different.  Each year I probably care a little less about what people think of me.  I do still have the issues that most women have about their looks and body image, though.  Having a fashion blog probably doesn't help me any! :)






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